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– “Stylist Speaks” Column, January 2013

As a marketer, you are responsible for designing and implementing the company’s marketing plan along with creating exciting & innovative hair care products. Maximize your potential & leap into Marketing with these tips from Teneya Gholston

1. Build Marketing Knowledge: Sign up for marketing classes to learn important skills such as branding, consumer behavior, and strategic thinking, which are vital to a career in marketing. Most companies require you to have a B.A. or B.S. in marketing at the very least to be considered for employment.

2. Gain Hands-On Experience: Cultivate your practical marketing knowledge by volunteering or interning with a marketing company. An internship is a great way to get experience in the marketing field. Through an internship, you often work in various areas of marketing, whether it’s coordinating with retailers or advertising agencies, and you can find out what really interests you.

3. Do your research: Read up on the brands that you’re interested in and visit the company website to learn about their products. Check out news articles, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to help you figure out who you want to work for and why. This will be very helpful when you have a job interview.

4. Engage as a Consumer: Pay attention to marketing activities such as magazine-sponsored contests and in-store events. Participate in the contests and attend the events to better understand how the brand engages with their customers, and then think about what you might do differently.

As a stylist, you’re already of value. Leverage upon your hair care and consumer knowledge as a hair stylist to get in the door to the next floor for your career! Explore opportunities to work manufacturers via trade shows, product testing, & consumer promotions while building your marketing knowledge to position yourself for a marketing career.